chef poppy

fine catering and style



After graduating from Tante Marie’s Cooking School in San Francisco in 1993, I interned at La Folie, a French restaurant in SF for three months. 

I then went on to cook at Skywalker Ranch, George Lucas’ creative complex.  I was a sous chef in the “main house.”

Then onto Bon Appetit Magazine, where I assisted the advertising department with food presentations, preparing luncheons for advertising agencies.

The job on Treasure Island, for the Nash Bridges TV show was the most greuling and fabulous job I had, cooking for cast and crew as well as styling and cooking for all food scenes.

In between and during all of these jobs, I worked on various films that shot in San Francisco as a chef and/or stylist.

I then moved to the Santa Cruz area and worked at Thomas Fogarty Winery in Woodside.  My clients included Google, Genentech, Yahoo, among others.

I continue to cook for private clients as I pursue my other passion, photography.

1993 graduated from cooking school, san francisco, ca

1993 - 1995 skywalker ranch, marin county, ca. chef

1993 - 2013 numerous corporate and private clients

1995 - 1998 bon appetit magazine, stylist and chef

1997 - 2001 nash bridges TV show, chef and stylist

1998 - 2011 various film projects/food styling and set up

2000 - 2010 Thomas Fogarty Winery, chef

2010 - present Private clients

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