Shooting Yogis

I began to shoot yogis in about 2006, when my teacher, Phil Lynch asked me to take some photos of him.  It was a memorable day. We spent it at my home in Ben Lomond, in the Redwoods.  We shot everywhere.  In the living room, with a paper backdrop ... Outside, with the redwoods a backdrop, Phil sitting on a stump, and other spots.  He must have gone into yoga positions for a continuous ten hours.  I vaguely remember having some food ... humus, maybe, and some carrots.  There was something about shooting Phil's beautiful body forming fabulous yogi shapes and the calm that came with the shapes. I was inspired. 

Here is one of my "Phil" photos, taken on my deck in the Redwood Forest   ... 

2007-11-25 at 20-33-15 - Version 3.jpg

After that day of shooting, I began to talk to other yogis and they, too, were interested in some photos.  At Village yoga, I set up my backdrop on a yearly basis for a few years and that turned into a Ten Year Anniversary Book.  

DSC_0197 - Version 3.jpg

This past few weeks I've been working on updating the website for Village Yoga.  A steady stream of yogis have graced my studio ... 

2013 BIKRAM SHOOT 73 - Version 2.jpg